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Pamela A.Walker – Attorney

Memberships: Pamela Walker is a member of the Hood County Bar Association, the Texas State Bar Association, the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, the Hood County Chamber of Commerce and a graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College.

My name is Pamela A. Walker and I am an attorney with an office on the historic downtown square in Granbury, Hood County, Texas, where I have practiced law for the past sixteen years. I also represent clients in the surrounding counties of Somervell, Parker, Johnson, Erath, and Tarrant Counties. My practice is focused on Criminal Defense/Appeals, Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Probate Law, Guardianships and Medicaid. I am passionate about defending my clients' legal issues in each area of law and I work tirelessly to ensure each and every client is fully represented with every possible avenue of legal recourse investigated and considered.

Pamela Walker

Prior to becoming an attorney, I worked as a litigation paralegal for eleven years with the law office of Renwick & Associates in Arlington, Texas. I assisted the attorneys with all pre-trial motions, discovery, investigations, and attended trials to help select juries, organize exhibits, and prepare/schedule witnesses. As my passion for the law developed, I decided to pursue a law degree and enrolled in the night school program at the Texas Wesleyan School of Law now known as Texas A&M School of Law. There, I was invited to join Law Review after my first year and then became an associate editor during my third year. I was also actively involved in Honors Moot Court and became an invited member of the honors fraternity organization, Phi Delta Phi. During the day, I continued to work as a paralegal. After three years, I graduated second in my class in May 2001, with Magna Cum Laude honors. I took and passed the Texas Bar Exam in July 2001, and was licensed to practice law in Texas on November 4, 2001.

I established my law firm in February 2003 in Granbury. Quickly, Criminal Defense and Appeals as well as Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Probate, and Guardianship matters became my deep passions. Over the years, I have tried numerous felony, misdemeanor, and civil trials. Each trial has provided me with an ever-growing passion for the practice of law. While criminal defense is my first passion, I also love handling Estate-related matters such as Wills, Trusts, Probate, and Guardianship law. In addition to regularly attending continuing education courses, I have also mentored new attorneys while working closely with highly experienced attorneys to help me learn and develop as a lawyer. These activities help me remain sharp and ready at all times.

In addition to clients who have hired me, I have always remained on the court-appointment list to represent indigent individuals in felony, misdemeanor, juvenile, and probate cases. I believe it is an attorney's civic duty to assist those persons in the legal system who are without the financial resources to hire an attorney. In a local newspaper article discussing problems associated with court-appointed attorneys, I was mentioned at length as an attorney who worked tirelessly and with total dedication irrespective of the clients' financial status. The reporter who wrote the article actually sat in on one of my felony trials and spoke glowingly of my trial work and dedication on behalf of my client. In the same newspaper edition, the Editor wrote an editorial and mentioned me by name as a skilled, dedicated attorney working hard for indigent defendants.

No attorney is able to guarantee a client-specific result. I can guarantee that I will work hard to ensure that you are fully represented and that all possible areas of legal recourse are investigated to ensure that you are provided the best representation. Call or contact me. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your particular legal needs.

Tracy S. Bush - Attorney Counsel

Memberships: Texas Bar Association, the Dallas Bar Association, the Probate Section of the Dallas Bar, and an accepted Participant of the Texas Probate Mailing List.

My name is Tracy S. Bush. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with my Juris Doctorate from Texas Wesleyan School of Law now known as Texas A & M School of Law.

Prior to law school, I earned a Bachelor's Degree in criminal justice graduating Summa Cum Laude and a Master's Degree in criminal justice administration with honors from Oklahoma City University.

Practice Areas

  • Creating an estate plan for clients which include trusts, wills, durable and medical power of attorney documents
  • Simple and complex probate and heirship determinations
  • Obtaining guardianship of the person and/or estate to protect a Ward’s interests
  • Challenging or defending a Wills’ validity
  • Medicaid planning to preserve assets and make skilled nursing care affordable
Tracy Bush

Medicaid Planning

If you do not have long-term care insurance, you may find that paying for skilled nursing care is not affordable. Our firm assists clients in applying for Medicaid benefits to pay for nursing home care and medical costs. Medicaid provides strict guidelines on who is eligible for benefits. This firm helps clients understand the eligibility rules for both married and single applicants. A review of the individual's unique financial situation will identify potential eligibility and potential roadblocks to eligibility. This firm also handles Medicaid appeals should you receive notice that an applicant was denied medical. A timely filed appeal preserves the eligibility date.

Estate Planning/Probate/Will Contests

Your estate is comprised of everything you own. No matter how large or modest, everyone has an estate. With advanced planning, you can control which assets will be disposed of in accordance with your Will and/or Trust and which assets will be disposed of outside of your probate estate. This firm represents Executors and Administrators to assist them in navigating the probate process. Each client's facts and circumstances will be evaluated to determine which probate procedure in Texas is the best option to pursue. You can include any number of persons or charities to receive your probate estate in the terms of your Will. Unfortunately, a family member who is disinherited or receives a small share of the estate may also be motivated to challenge your Will. This firm is familiar with contesting and defending Wills and will be able to provide advice on the likelihood of success after evaluating your specific situation.


To protect a loved one's personal and financial interest, you may need more than to act as an agent under a valid durable and medical power of attorney. A guardianship of the person and/or estate provides Court authority to act on behalf of a loved one. Under a Guardianship, the Court determines if a loved one is incompetent to handle their personal and financial affairs. This may be necessary to protect the Ward from financial exploitation or neglect.

Mike Walker - Office Manager

My name is Mike Walker. Since February 2007, I have worked as the Office Manager for The Law Office of Pamela A. Walker, P.C. and Associates. I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in Criminal Justice. I worked as a police officer for over twenty years which has provided me with an extensive knowledge of police investigations and operations. Under the direction of Pamela Walker, I assist with criminal case defense preparation, which includes interviewing clients and witnesses, reviewing documents and files, as well as managing the daily operations of the law office and staff. If you have a legal issue involving the areas of law practiced by our firm, please call or contact us to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Walker